How to Ship Jewelry from China to Amazon FBA

This article will help you if you selling Jewelry on Amazon and import them from China. Here you can get some definitive guide in How to Ship Jewelry from China to Amazon FBA. When China manufacturer finished your jewelry, the first thing you need to know is Amazon Product barcodes & Box Requirements.

Amazon Product barcodes & Box Requirements

We have service so many US jewelry seller to label product and ship to Amazon Whorehouse. We know that many bad reviews come from mislabeling of the jewelry. This mistake will lost your listing, even your store and your business. So you need to to know Amazon Product barcodes & Box Requirements.

FBA uses barcodes to identify and track inventory throughout the fulfillment process. Each item you send to an Amazon fulfillment center requires a barcode. There are two kinds of barcodes for identifying products:

  • Manufacturer barcodes (eligible barcodes include GCID, UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN)
  • Amazon barcodes (such as FNSKU)

Manufacturer barcodes

Amazon will always use the manufacturer barcode to track inventory throughout the fulfillment process, unless you change your barcode setting. If more than one seller has inventory with the same manufacturer barcode, Amazon fulfills orders with inventory that’s closest to the customer. We do this to facilitate faster delivery.

If you do not have an eligible barcode for your product, an Amazon barcode can be used in place of the manufacturer barcode.

Amazon barcodes

Amazon barcodes must be applied to all products that are not tracked using manufacturer barcodes. This category is comprised of:

  •      Products with an expiration date
  •     Consumable products
  •     Topical products such as skin creams, shampoos, and cosmetics
  •     Products that are prepped so that the barcode cannot be scanned

You can print Amazon barcodes and apply them to your products yourself, or Amazon can print and apply them for a per-item fee.

Product label


JEWELRY Product Label

Shipping package label:


When you are create a FBA  shipping plan, you need to take care of each jewelry, style, color, sku and each package ship to different FBA warehouse. Your jewelry need to be scan and put the right place in FBA.

Packaging jewelry

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charging for preparation or for noncompliance at the fulfillment center.

Any jewelry unit that can be damaged by tearing, dirt, dust or liquid during the fulfillment process must be packaged following these guidelines. Jewelry must be packaged so that the unit cannot be damaged or cause unsafe conditions by having the material exposed during the fulfillment process.

Watch these brief videos for examples of how to prep your products for shipment to and storage in Amazon fulfillment centers.

  • Bagging
  • Taping
  • Labeling


  • Pouches must be packed individually in plastic bags with the barcode on the outside of the pouch to avoid damage from dust. Place a product description label on the side with the greatest surface area.
  • The bag should be appropriate for size of a pouch. Do not force a pouch into a bag that is too small or place it in a bag where it can easily shift around. The edges of large bags are more likely to get caught and tear exposing contents to dust or dirt.
  • Poly bags (minimum 1.5 mil.) with a 5″ opening or larger must have a “suffocation warning.” Example: “Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation; keep this bag away from babies and children.”
  • All poly bags must be transparent.

Examples of pouches properly packaged one per bag with barcode inside the bag for protection against dust. The bags are slightly larger than the pouches.

jewelry Pouch

Example of pouch that is exposed, unprotected, and improperly packaged. The contents of the pouch are bagged, but the barcode is inside the pouch and cannot be scanned without removing it from the pouch.

jewelry Pouch2

Boxed Jewelry

  • Boxes made of material that is easily cleaned do not have to be bagged. Sleeves are sufficient protection from dust.
  • Boxes made of fabric-like material that is susceptible to dust or tearing must to be bagged or boxed individually with barcode displayed prominently.
  • Protective sleeve or bag should be only slightly larger than unit.
  • Box sleeves should be snug enough or secured in such a way that they will not slide off and the barcode must be visible with the sleeve in place.
  • Barcodes should be attached to box if possible; they can be attached to sleeves if secured properly.

This example shows a fabric-like box properly stored in a bag slightly larger than the box. This is properly packaged.

jewelry Box

This example shows a box stored in a bag that is much larger than the unit and the label is not on the box. This bag is more likely to be punctured or torn and the barcode separated from the unit. This is improperly packaged.

jewelry Box

This example shows a box poorly protected by a sleeve that is not secured enabling the box to slip out and become separated from the sleeve and the barcode. This is improperly packaged.

jewelry Box


Box measurement required by Amazon seller center

 You must to read Amazon’s official documents carefully about Box measurement required. Because different Amazon site has different requirements for shipping box size and weights. You can go thought Amazon seller support to search what you want to know.

Now, we are going to tell you about some requirements for boxes measurements for the US site.

Acceptable standard boxes:

  • Regular slotted carton (RSC)
  • B flute
  • ECT-32 (edge crush test)
  • 200 lb./sq. inch (burst strength)

Use a minimum of 2 inches of appropriate packing material around each item and the same amount in between your products and the walls of the box. If your items are being shipped in the manufacturer’s case pack, the 2 inches of packing material is not necessary.

Box dimensions

Boxes containing multiple standard-size items must not exceed 25 inches on any side. A box may exceed the 25 inch limit if it contains oversize units that measure longer than 25 inches. Boxes that are excessively large relative to the oversize units may be subject to restriction of shipping privileges, additional fees, or refusal at a fulfillment center.

Important: Carton dimension policies are strictly enforced. Sending oversize cartons to the fulfillment center may lead to blocking of future shipments.

Box weight

If you are using an Amazon-partnered carrier, weigh and measure boxes and pallets accurately and ensure that the correct values are supplied for every shipment. In addition:

  • Boxes must not exceed the standard weight limit of 50 lb, unless they contain one single oversized item that exceeds 50 lb.
    • For a single oversized item that exceeds 50 lb, attach a label that clearly indicates Team Lift on the top and sides of the box.
    • For a single oversized item that exceeds 100 lb, attach a label that clearly indicates Mechanical Lift on the top and sides of the box.
  • Boxes containing jewelry or watches must not exceed 40 lb.

Important: Carton weight policies are strictly enforced. Sending overweight cartons to the fulfillment center may lead to blocking of future shipments.

Packing materials

Using appropriate packing material ensures your shipment quickly moves through the fulfillment center receiving process and protects our associates from potential safety issues.

Use these:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Full sheets of paper (heavy-weight kraft paper is best)
  • Inflatable air pillows
  • Polyethylene foam sheeting

Do not use these:

  • All types of packing peanuts, including those made of biodegradable material or corn starch
  • Foam strips
  • Crinkle wrap
  • Shredded paper
  • Thermocol chips
  • Styrofoam

Tip: After you pack your box, shake it gently. The contents should not move when shaken.

How to ship your jewelry from China to Amazon FBA warehouses can save your time and money.

To know about how to ship from China to Amazon FBA, there are some three methods as below:

The jewelry will be directly shipped from China supplier to FBA.

The jewelry will first be sent to your home and then transported to the Amazon warehouse.

The jewelry are shipped from China to a third-party company that check and prepares for shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse.

Method 1:

Shipping Jewelry directly from China to Amazon FBA

The cheapest method which is ship jewelry straightly to Amazon FBA. It can save your time and money when you out of stock on Amazon store. You can request the trust supplier who is  long-term stable cooperation with you, inspecting, packing, labelling and send to Amazon FBA.

The best method which I would suggest to you is that you should ship from China straight to Amazon FBA if you have a trustful jewelry supplier.

Method 2: Shipping to your home first

The first things you need to think about is that the express fee is expensive. You need to pay double fee if you ship from home first. However Amazon has a strict quality requirement related to products. So the best benefit you can get is that the positive review of the jewelry in Amazon store because you can check and inspect the jewelry by yourself from this method. Your jewelry listing will be locked if too many customers leave a bad review of the jewelry. You can control the jewelry quality and reduce the bad feedback.

I suggest you can choose this method if you are the new seller in Amazon and don’t have any experience for buying jewelry from China.

Method 3: Shipping to third-party service company first.

You can ship jewelry first to a reliable third-party service company, and they they check, inspect, label and send to FBA. You can choose a reliable third-party service company from China or your Country. The fee will increase if you choose this method.

The Ways Ship Jewelry from China to FBA

There are three main ways of jewelry delivery from China to FBA as following

  • Express
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight

The transportation time, the cost and the transport procedure are different between these three ways.


Express is the most convenient and the easiest way to transport the jewelry (less than 1,000lb)

You don’t need to care about any related customs issues. It is door to door service and you just need to tracking your package on line.

We generally recommend FedEx and UPS as they are American companies and have a wide delivery network in the U.S.

DHL is a German Company which is better established and preferable for importers shipping products to Europe. However, most people choose DHL over FedEx and UPS because it is much cheaper. But, shipping is often delayed.

Air Freight

If your goods have exceeded 1,000lb, you can use air freight.  

Please note that you need to hire a professional freight forwarder to handle all the customs procedures. It’s crucial to find a right freight forwarder, otherwise, you might be involved in endless troubles. It is faster than Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Sea Freight is one of the most complicated methods of transportation for import and export.

Although it takes a long time to transport and the customs procedures complicated, it is still one of the main ways of import and export. This is largely due to its low cost of transportation and can accommodate a large volume of cargo.t.


  • Pay shiiping fee to your supplier can save time and money, they will handle anything to your package.
  • Expree and air freight is the most ways for your jewelry shipping.

Hope this article may help you when you want to start your jewelry business and save more money and time. Thanks for your time.





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