What Make Your Orders Rise in Stainless Steel Jewelry Business

Stainless steel jewelry’s fame and popularity rise up gradually owing to its stylish, durable, affordable and easy to maintain in our daily life. Many merchants want to find their niche in stainless steel jewelry market. Hence order is the most important factor relates to the survival of wholesalers, importers, traders and manufacturers in stainless steel jewelry business.
How to boost your customers place the order to you without hesitation. The essential element is care what customers care about, and provide customer what they really want. Offer them the best service to solve the problem that customer meet in order.
I made a questionnaire survey by my customer from all over the world after Chinese New Year
The result show that the following factors are customers’ elementary demands.

1.Reliable Stainless Steel Jewelry Supplier
Every importer wants to buy stainless steel jewelry from reliable factory supplier, who can offer the good quality and best price. Good quality can reduce after-sales problem and earn more profit. But it is tough task to find a real jewelry factory. And it is difficult to find the real jewelry factory by searching from Alibaba because mostly stainless steel factories don’t upload the product on English website. Only a few companies is the real jewelry factory. The owner of factory is not good at English and online marketing. It is good luck if you can find the real factories in Alibaba. But the trade company or the middle men is also a good chance. They can offer the good service to customer and have skill to negotiate the price to the factories. So they can help importer save the time and energy.

2. Create Sample in Short Time
Sample is the key to order. Customer can check the quality and design though request the sample. The importers who want to buy hot selling and popular stainless steel jewelry can come to Guangzhou market to buy the samples or bulk jewelry. There are a lot of fashion trend style you can source. Importers who have own designs want to produce sample. There are suggestion as below:
Prepare the sketch with the dimension and specification
Prepare logo in PDF or AI format
Prepare Pantone color number if you have different color request
Prepare sample fee to the supplier, then the supplier will try their best to put you sample on schedule.

3. Timely Delivery Time
Mention to the bulk order delivery time, this is a headache for importer.
So choose the trustworthy supplier is the best way to ensure the delivery time. So don’t care more about the unit price.

4. Quality Consciousness
Quality is a important factor to get the client’s reorder and build long term cooperation in stainless steel business. So you need to set your standard and requirements in your QC checklist. A detailed QC checklist helps the supplier understand your requirements for the product. These tips should be included in your checklist.
Stainless steel jewelry dimensions and specification
any plated color or Pantone code for the color specifications.
Packaging requirements (product packaging and carton packaging)
Which certificated you need to request.(SGS, Rohs,)

5. Delicate Packaging
Packaging is a big deal in stainless steel jewelry business. The buyer will be exacting when they unpack the delicate packaging. So sourcing the simple and delicate packaging can enhance your sales. When you choose the jewelry supplier you can request they offer the packaging box or bag for your jewelry, because they can buy the paper box or muslin bag in lower price and small MOQ.

6. Best Service for After Sales
It is a headache when you receive the jewelry poor in quality. How can you request the money back or ask the supplier reproduce to you in such long distance? So you need to prevent this issue happen by inspect the supplier’s qualifications.

Find the right supplier to supply stainless steel jewelry is the key to get more order from your customer. Any questions, please contact us.


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