What You Have to Know When Sourcing Jewelry from China

I have been a jewelry sale for 4 years from Ourania Jewelry Factory in China. Most of my Clients are come from North America and Europe Country for example United States, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, etc. I love my job, willing to offer the customer the solutions for sourcing jewelry in China.
Last night, a client who inquiry stainless steel bracelet sample price from our company before, send me massage says “I’m not happy with their sample. It is very different from what I’m looking for. Can you do it better for me?” I said yes, we can. And I promise he can pay after confirm the sample done. Finally the customer gets what he wants.
I come across many these customers who less of experience received jewelry of the quality, quantity and price are not what they expected when sourcing jewelry in China. I really want to help these customer save their time, money to get more benefit when they sourcing jewelry in China.
So I write down these helpful tips for those who less experience want to import jewelry from China, to help them avoid lost money and wasting time.
What You Have to Know When Sourcing Jewelry in China.

Wholesale Website in China
No matter you are purchasing jewelry from China online or actually visit China in Person. The most important thing is searching jewelry trade company, wholesaler or manufacturers information in wholesale website in China. So these website as below you have to know:
If you know Chinese character very well, you can visit China local wholesale market to search supplier. Most of store owner don’t know English, but most of them have the jewelry factory and price is good.

Jewelry Wholesale Market in China
The main Jewelry wholesale market are located Guangzhou West Tower in Guangzhou, Changan Hardware Accessories City in Changan  Dongguan, Yiwu Wholesale Market in Yiwu and China Korea International Commodity City in Qingdao City. Most Chinese jewelry suppliers are come from these places no matter what way you purchase jewelry. You can buy jewelry directly in this market.
Jewelry in Guangzhou and Dongguan are the newest design and good quality, following the international fashion trend.
Jewelry in Yiwu is famous on low price. Quality not good at Guangzhou and Dongguan, but you also can find some trade companies and factory to produce your own design in good quality. It should take more time to select supplier.
Most Jewelry style in Qingdao is similar to Korea’s style.


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